What is the Fund?

With the support of the Silicon Valley Community Foundation as well as individual donors, the Contra Costa Regional Health Foundation (CCRHF) Rapid Response Fund is moving quickly to help those individuals and families in desperate need. Locally, Contra Costa Regional Health Foundation (CCRHF) is playing the lead role in identifying highest risk populations and funding organizations to provide needed assistance. We understand this is a dynamic and changing situation; the following highlights our best thinking to date on how we can support impacted individuals and families. 

Who Will be Funded?

The Rapid Response Fund seeks non-profit, community based organizations within Contra Costa County that have the capacity to positively impact vulnerable populations in any of five categories:

  1. Food security / distribution,

  2. Financial assistance,

  3. Shelter via alternative care sites, and

  4. Support for essential workers

  5. Other emerging needs related to COVID-19.

Selection Criteria

Non-profit, community based organizations will be selected based on their ability to provide service in one of the four areas described while successfully addressing the following criteria:

  • Need: The organization's ability to reach populations most vulnerable to the economic or health risks posed by this public health crisis

  • Timeliness: The organization’s capacity to move rapidly to use its resources in the support of the target audience and its responsiveness to the emerging and current needs of the crisis

  • Ability: The organization’s existing infrastructure allows it to deploy the funds expediently and efficiently

Funding Levels and Frequency

Through the CCRHF COVID-19 Rapid Response Fund, CCRHF will make a number of one-time grants ($5,000 – $50,000).  Funding is open to any organization that meets the criteria established above and will be awarded based on merit and need. Organizations need only complete a single application. This application will remain open through June 30, 2020. CCRHF will review submissions on a rolling basis and award grants until funds are depleted. We also acknowledge that the needs of low-income communities, particularly the impacts for communities of color, related to COVID-19 will continue to evolve and grow over time. As a result, we anticipate having multiple waves of funding over the next several months to meet those needs.

Application Process

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. All applicants must submit one online application using the form below. A PDF of the application can also be downloaded by clicking here.

Contact Information

Please email ccrhfcovid19@cchealth.org if you have questions about the application process.

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